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About Us

We believe amazing should be open to everyone.

Here at Further Space we make amazing happen. Whether supporting our landowning partners to create brilliant glamping sites, or enabling our guests to experience memorable getaways; we continually strive to deliver more.

All of our locations are as unique as our partners; from stunning sea views to a family friendly forest glen, we hand pick each of our locations throughout Ireland and the UK to ensure they will exceed our customers’ expectations.


It starts with our partners - like-minded landowners who have the desire to provide guests with a truly exceptional experiences. They understand the advantages of working in partnership with Further Space, benefiting from the planning, construction, advertising and customer service expertise that our unique business model delivers.

Our partners appreciate the 10 year agreement that we sign, knowing that we are as committed to the success of their site as they are - not only at the start, but year in, year out; giving them reassurance that their site will be the success they hope for.

If you have a parcel of land you think might be ideal for glamping, we want to hear from you. We are working with farmers, estates, manor houses, tourist attractions, community groups and more; anyone that is passionate about bringing tourism to their area.


Based in Northern Ireland the Further Space team provide our partners with business support services. Operations, finance, project management, marketing and customer relations are all managed on your behalf by our Head Office team. Our Pod manufacturing also all takes place on-site in Belfast, ensuring we can maintain the highest possible quality control standards across every stage of the design, build and delivery process.

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The core of our business are our partners. Its why we are very selective in the sites and the people that we choose to work with. We only work with partners that we know are as passionate about each project as much as we are. This ensures that all of our sites meet the same very high minimum standards. Because we are creating long term partnerships, the relationships we build with our potential partners are of huge importance to us.


As the only provider in the market place offering a full service solution, Further Space is truly unique. We look after the entire customer acquisition stage, which is usually the most daunting for anyone when thinking about opening their own glamping site. From advertising to booking systems, customer communications and reservations management, our advanced systems and experienced team look after all these elements for you. Meaning you just focus on hosting the guests on site.


Our pods are only available to our partners ensuring right from the start you have a unique marketing advantage. We might be biased but we believe our pods are the best solution available. Manufactured to UK Building Standards, and certified as 4* by Tourism NI, their quality far exceeds the majority of units out there. They’re built to last, with the shells being guaranteed for 20 years, whilst our unique business model allows for a full internal refurbishment every 5 years. The pods are so highly insulated that they require very little heating and are cosy no matter how cold it is outside.


It’s impossible for any business not to recognise the impact that it has on the planet. As an organisation we have adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to help us reduce our impact and operate in a more responsible manner. We’re working with all of our existing and future partners to actually increase the biodiversity of their sites. We also understand the opportunity to inform our customers of their own impact, so that not only do they benefit from reconnecting with family and friends but also understand more about the environment around them.