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Over the past few months, more than ever we’ve been grateful for our frontline workers. And we know you are too. As a thank you, we’re giving away not one, but FIVE amazing two-night luxury pod stays, all with campfire experiences.

To enter all you need to do is nominate someone you think deserves to win this prize and tell your family and friends to get voting!

We also know that essential workers are everyone from doctors, nurses, carers, NHS support staff, people in food production and supermarkets to the dedicated staff driving the trucks that keep our shelves stocked.  So we have created 5 categories so that we don’t forget about anyone – the person with the most votes in each category will be awarded the prize. You can also nominate as many people as you like!

TO NOMINATE: To enter your nomination simply scroll to the end of this page and fill in the quick form about the person.  

There are five different categories with a few examples of the types of people you can nominate below
1. NHS Staff – Doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc
2. NHS Support Staff, cleaners, admin, porters etc
3. Carers – nursing homes, or in-home, social workers, mental health care staff etc
4. Food Production, supermarket staff and supply chain
5. Other – Emergency Services, truck drivers, charity workers, childcare providers etc.*

Please note the above are only a few examples and we understand that there are many more types of essential workers. Please use the ‘other’ category for nominating people if they do not easily fit into categories 1 to 4.

TO VOTE: Scroll through the relevant category and hit the heart shaped button when you find the person you are looking for.   (Please note it is one vote per device!)

Giveaway closes on the 11th November. T&C’s Apply (see below). Entries are open to anyone from the UK, NI or Ireland, but does not include travel to and from the pod site.  The 5 pod sites are Glenarm Castle, Black Knowe, Thornfield Farm, Carrickreagh Bay and Rathwood (all based in Northern Ireland). Daily submissions are reviewed before 5pm and approved to go on to the web page.  You can get voting once your submission is approved.

The Nominees Are:

Brid France

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Brid is an excellent midwife who has helped bring babies into this world in a professional, loving and safe way so that mothers/babies have a special experience during this difficult time. Dealing with covid/non-covid women in work while being a mum to 3 beautiful children at home. Amazing person!!



Doreen Boyd

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My mum – she’s worked at Ballycastle High for 30+years.
Even when the school closed she continued to work from home and some days from her office to organise everything for the next school term. She works extremely hard and gives her everything to the school!

Senior Executive Officer

Adam Clements

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My fiancé Adam:
We’re both frontline workers, I am a ED Nurse and Adam works for the PSNI as there IT Support.
Adam has worked extremely hard from home to fix all the PSNI IT problems so that they can continue to serve and protect. I’m extremely proud of him and also we had to postpone our wedding

PSNI- IT Support Agent

Louise Robinson

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She has been working long shifts&taking night shifts to make up for staff shortages. She has 3 amazing kids who she has been juggling continuously throughout covid to do home teaching and learning with them when they have been out of school. Huge inspiration to me in becoming a nurse myself.

Lead nurse in a hospice

Lisa Ann Twaddle

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My very hardworking niece. Not only holds down a very hard job. But has 3 beautiful children and a very supportive husband. Who also works on the front line. She deserves a well earned break as she gives 110% to her job in these very difficult time without a word of complaint!

Social worker

Sabrina Andrews

FB IMG 1603994845981

Sharon is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met she goes over and above for everyone from her family, patients and friends. She has worked all the way through Covid. Sharon has had a few deaths in her family in the last few months and recently lost her Granda.


Senior Receptionist

Paige McCord

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Paige has finished her level 3 nursing this year and straight into working the whole way through Covid.
She has a heart of gold and an amazing person inside and out



Billy Coffey

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My hubby Billy Coffey who is working on the front line every day since it began he is in the army. He is currently in isolation before he heads off to Lebanon for 6 and a half months to serve there. He is really missed by us his family.



Eleanor Holland

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My other half Eleanor has worked tirelessly in Belfast COVID ICU through the workforce appeal all the while studying to apply for Medicine to become a doctor to contribute to the NHS. She has earned a well deserved break!


Healthcare Assistant

Sharon Murphy

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Sharon has worked all through Covid. She is a selfless person and will go above and beyond to help anyone. Just recently Sharon lost her granda who was a massive part of her life. I think Sharon deserves a wee break to recharge and take time for herself and her wee family.
Please vote for Sharon ❤


Senior Receptionist

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T&C’s for Essential Workers Give Away

  • Entrant nominated must be over 18 years of age
  • Entrant can only be in one category
  • The person with the highest vote count on the closing date is the winner.
  • Stay date can be claimed in either 2020 or 2021 subject to availability
  • The prize cannot be exchanged or no cash alternative is available
  • No entry fee or purchase is required to enter this competition
  • Prize winners will be subject to marketing promotion of the overall giveaway 
  • The prizes are limited to Northern Ireland pod locations (excludes Scotland based sites)
  • Entries are valid from anywhere in the UK and Ireland, but the prize does not include travel to and from the pod site.
  • This competition is ran by FURTHER.SPACE – any queries can be directed to [email protected]
  • Friends and family of either FURTHER.SPACE or any partner pod site hosts may not enter the competition.
  • Daily submissions are reviewed before 5pm and approved to go on to the web page.  You can get voting once your submission is approved.
  • Giveaway nominations close on Wednesday 11th November 2020