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“Would highly recommend to anyone traveling to that area”

It was wonderful, the wooden interior created a very comforting timber aroma. It was snug and comfy even when it looks small from the outside, was more than spacious on the inside. Had plenty of privacy and even during due to the exterior light reflective windows. During our stay, there were heavy winds and rain, didn’t bother us one bit, hence the well built pods were sturdy and unaffected by the weather conditions. I was even able to study in peace in one of the smaller bunk bed rooms, whilst my partner and child were sleeping in the larger room. Loved that they even provided a travel cot for our child which came in very handy since we didn’t have to bring our own, our child even liked it better than his bed at home. The beds themselves were very comfortable and we in general loved the cosines the pod created. Would highly recommend to anyone traveling to that area.