About Us

Who are we?

Here at Further Space, we have built a brand and a reputation for those who want to start something amazing and our explorers who want to stay somewhere amazing and which has culminated in our purpose, “we believe amazing should be open to everyone”

We are pioneers in creating a more sustainable micro-tourism industry bringing people back to nature and creating greater health and wellbeing for our explorers who are engaging in our ‘more than’ experiences.

Our spaces preserve cultural and natural heritage in rural areas and help promote the welfare of the community. We are creating a new future of sustainable tourism.

What Do We Do?

As an established brand within the glamping industry, we offer unparalleled experience and expertise covering every aspect of the landowner’s journey from conception right through to operation of your site.

Working with us offers our Trusted Brand, Marketing, Planning and Architectural services, Customer reservations team, Financial expertise, Project management and of course our World class Pod.

What defines us is our belief in the positive impact of sustainable rural tourism, our flexible attitude to each model and the extensive support we provide.

Our Mission

Maximising our sustainability, global citizenship and how we care for the environment is a core part of our journey.

1. Offer More Than Glamping

We aim to provide an experience. One which takes into account cultural, environmental and economic sustainability.

2. High-Grade With Low Impact

Industrial grade insulation ensures year-round business and reduced energy costs. With a minimal footprint, our sites blend into their surroundings.

3. Reduce Intensive Nature of Farming

By providing new revenue streams several of our farming partners have reduced their livestock count, reducing their carbon output.


It’s impossible for any business not to recognise the impact that it has on the planet. As an organisation we have adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to help us reduce our impact and operate in a more responsible manner. We’re working with all of our existing and future partners to actually increase the biodiversity of their sites. We also understand the opportunity to inform our customers of their own impact, so that not only do they benefit from reconnecting with family and friends but also understand more about the environment around them.

Further space has a unique sustainability footprint (7 SDG Goals) and has used this footprint to create policy with strategic initiatives, for stakeholder and business operational alignment objectives, developing measurable outputs and outcomes. Further space over the period FY 2023 – FY2033 will move from current levels of sustainable activities towards an alignment across all stakeholders and business operations promoting and delivering an enhanced level of measurable sustainable outcomes. This plan has identified opportunities to maintain and increase sustainability of the business moving forward.

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